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i8&8 - Restaurant Directory


i8&8 (pronounced: I ate and ate) is an app which allows you to win deals on meals at the best restaurants around the world. Version 1, has 3 major parts. A complete Restaurant Directory with online ordering, call to order, reviews and more, Deals On Meals and Hungry Games.Restaurant Directory:
The Restaurant Directory provides list of restaurants with their gps map locations, customer reviews, call to order menus, online order menus and more. The large list of restaurants can be filtered or ordered with options like:
a) Area will open popup to select area and based on user’s selection it will filter directory listing according to the area you are looking for.b) Cuisine – select the cuisine types you wish to choose fromc) Catering – Show only restaurants which provides catering serviced) Delivery – show only restaurants that delivere) Top Rated – Show in restaurant list in order of highest customer reviewsf) Online Order- Only show restaurants with online ordering in app g) Nearest – Find restaurants closest to your gps locationh) Homemade – Looking for some homemade sweets or food, find at home bakeries which deliver
Hungry Games:

Hungry Games allows you and your friends to meet challenges by tweeting and sharing. If you defeat the challenge set up by the restaurant, the deal opens up for everyone using the app, with certain time or number conditions as set by the restaurant and stated on the terms page.
Deals On Meals:
Deals on Meals section gives you access to digital punch cards, like the club 7 card you're used to seeing at Elevation Burger. But now your Cards will never be lost or forgotten, because all your cards can be digital and in the app.
Even when you change your phones, you can just sign into your account and get access to all your punch cards, wherever you are, whenever you need.
You can also get FREE Punches on your punch card if you share your purchase on social media, fill out a survey or watch a 30 second video.
There are also menus, hours and a tap to call feature if you would like to order anything from the restaurant.
We will be adding Restaurants on a continual basis, please feel free to contact us from within the app if you would like to suggest a restaurant or if you would like your restaurant to be represented.
Smart Coupons:
Smart coupons, have timer countdowns or number countdowns. This allows restaurants to give very awesome deals but for a limited time only or for a limited number of customer redemptions. The current status of how many customers redeemed and how many coupon redemptions are left are displayed real time, so you don’t show up at the restaurant to find out all redemptions are done.
Other Deals:
This is a place which displays deals from restaurants in a more traditional like flyer you’re used to seeing.
This app was created by Ziring Zurar, social media and mobile marketing expert and author of the soon to be released book “Social Thief: How to Use Social Media to Steal Customers From Your Competitors”